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Determine whats cuaseing the tribe to be so violent.


the tribe is a group of people afftected by the beast curse seal, they us a potion to transform into beasts. Repeated use of this potion has had permenant side affects though. Now the people need the potion to stay in contol of thier transformation, if they don't have the potion they are foced to stay in a feral beast form. The tribe is running out of the potion and is now turning into a tribe of dire beasts.

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The ninja's find the tribe's cave and quickly come upon a scene of combat. Inside are 4 large animals fighting. the wolf and bear kill the other two before turning on the three ninja. Then ninja kill the bear and he reverts to a man, they manage to restrain the wolf rather than kill it. Upon trying to interigate i,t the wolf simply snarls and growls in an angry and feral fassion. They find a journal saying that Tyrel wnet feral and destroyed a machine to make the potion, now the potion was all gone and they would join Tyrel soon. They decide to kill the wolf and head farther intot the cave. They find a hallway lined with people. The people are chained to the walls and having thier blood drained. The blood leads to an aparatus made to make potions, in the apartatus room there is also a man asleep at a desk. The ninja awake the man and learn he is making potion and is the Alpha, they inform him they killed members of his pack. This enrages then man and he transorms into a Chimera and attacks them. The ninja defeat the Chimera though Tsukasa dies (he wanted to).