Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Win over the tribe so they will relocate to Konoha


Nen has learned of a clan of steel release users that he wants to recruit to Konoha. They are high in the mountains, deep in Earth Country. He and Kai travel there to win them over to gain powerful aid for Konoha.

Mission RecapEdit

They headed into the mountains and climbed a lot to reach the village. Then they met with the elder, who gave them a task. They went to the shrine to recover the artifact and were dive bombed by baby griffons that could spit fire and poison. After killing a lot of them they made it to the shrine. When they entered they encountered the mama griffon and had to fight her. They beat her, got the artifact and then went back to the village. There Nen met a woman who surprised him by asking about his mother, then said that his mother was her little sister. They had a tearful reunion, then went to the elder's house to make plans for the tribe to relocate to Konoha.

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