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Ninja TeamEdit

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travel to the tomb and investigate what's going on.


There have been rumors of the dead rising from their graves near an ancient tomb near the Forest of Dead Trees in the Land of Fire. A team of ninjas is to be dispatched immediately to check things out.

Mission RecapEdit

When kantaro, allen, and shinji decided to head out, they discussed the matters at hand. They didn't think it too unbelievable that the dead were rising. Upon arrival, they headed down a dark, cryptic passageway until they came across skeletons. They awoke, and battle started. The ninja easily took them out. They headed on, and allen accidentally activated a trap, which shot out spikes from the wall. Shinji pushed away his comrades, but in doing so sustained an injury to his shoulder.

Kantaro patched him up the best they could and they continued. They arrived in a room with 3 coffins, and they all opened. One in particular opened violently, and by it's power and stature the ninja could tell that skeleton was the leader, whereas the other 2 were like the skeleton's from before. The fight began, with kantaro focusing on the leader while allen and shinji focused the lesser ones, though after some time they collaborated, such as with Shinji's water and Kantaro's lightning techniques. After some time, the shinobi came out victorious, only after Allen had a close call with a paper bomb right on his arm. The threat was thwarted, but they never discovered the source. Maybe, that would be the next task.

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