Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


To kill Kantaro's father.


The group heads to Nagato Uzumaki's grave and summons Kantaro's father, after a rough battle they manage to defeat him.

Mission RecapEdit

The group meets up with Kantaro in a small tea shop in Ame before heading to Nagato's grave. Once there, they summon Kantaro's father. They talk shortly, where Ayumu, Kantaro's father, begins to verbally disgrace both Kantaro and Nui. Nui, not taking such disrespect lightly, lets her anger flare and attempts to light Ayumu on fire, only to be shadow controlled and roasting Shin instead. The battle raged on as Shin takes combat to close quarters, only to be placed under a seal and forced to attack his friends. Nui is grappled by shadow tentacles and drug closer to Ayumu when Shin deals a near fatal blow, Nui finishing him off with Amaterasu.

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