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Explore the temple of friendship!


Raikiko sits on a stump in front of a temple, reading a tablet, discovering he needs a friend to enter the temple and brave its mysteries. Arya then appear, offering to accompany him inside the temple.

Mission RecapEdit

Arya finds Raikiko in front of the temple, and offers to go with him inside it. The two enter the temple, finding themselves in a big, empty room, with apparently no exits besides the temple's main entrance. The two search around, touching the walls in the search of a button that could open a secret passage or something of the sort, but the search holds no fruit. By luck, Raikiko steps on a pressure plate, opening the passage to a dimly-lit hallway.

As the two walk down the hallway, they begin hearing whispers, which get progressively louder as they walk. The two then reach the entrance to another room, finding three thugs. Raikiko kills one with a kunai to the head, him and Arya then having a brief fight with the two others. They manage to defeat the thugs though, and begin walking down another hallway, which the thugs were in front of.

In the end of the hallway there is another bigger room, but most of it is blocked by giant temple doors, which have an inscription on them. Raikiko moves to read the inscription, discovering it's the lyrics to a song. It's obvious the two needed to sing them together, so Arya and Raikiko do it, making the temple doors open.

They then find a human-sized statue, who seems to be unmoving until Arya approaches it, revealing that it's actually possessed as it talks to Arya. She attacks it out of instinct and the statue, Arya and Raikiko begin fighting, which ends in another victory for the genin, though they do not come out unscathed. As the statue is destroyed, the walls that were once behind it open, revealing... two small money bags, containing 1000 ryo each.

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