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Mission ProfileEdit


Defeat the swordsman


Asumizu and Kai have been asked to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding a particular trade route that leads between Konoha and an outlying village. It seems a swordsman has been sighted in this area, and worse than that, he’s been attacking the trade caravans and stealing supplies. Obviously this isn’t good for the newly reclaimed, and quite injured, Konoha, so these two genin have been selected to look into matters.

Mission RecapEdit

Kai and Asumizu discussed how to approach their task. They went along the pathway and found a wagon, then started speaking to the wagon driver. After some discussion, he invited them along to keep him safe on the trade route. They talked until they came to an obstruction in the road. Kai went to take care of it, but then they were ambushed. Asumizu took on attackers from behind the wagon, while Kai was evading attacks and then joined him. When they went to check on the wagon driver, they found him injured by the hands of a swordsman. Asumizu sent a clone to take care of one of the attackers, who led him on a chase through the forest, while Kai was busy taking care of the swordsman. The chased opponent came back to join the swordsman and let loose an attack, but this enabled him to be cornered by both Asumizu and his clone, who quickly finished him off. Kai and his clone beat up the swordsman and killed him. They then helped the trader clear the path and continued on their way.

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