The Desert Rose

The Desert Rose, where the Shadows of the Sand are headquartered.

Sunagakure's grand tag team is The Shadows of the Sand. The pair is Zenko Sugawara and Vash. Two shinobi of immense power, with incredible teamwork, they are some of the best in Sunagakure. They formed after an intense spar, and one day hope to be the greatest tag team in the world! They currently live in The Desert Rose, an abandoned watchtower a bit away from Sunagakure. One day, they will face Orr Tann again, in the ultimate clash of Sunagakure power!


Zenko Sugawara - Suna Strong Fist user, with Wind Release and Water Release capabilities.

Vash - A powerful shinobi with a Curse Mark, Vash uses lots of equipment in his battles. An expert user of Swift Release, he has been called Suna's Phantom.

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