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Investigate the temple to see what they are all about.


Reading through some strange texts, Eclipse discovered the location of a temple dedicated to a people called the Spartans, curious about who they are and what they did, he decided to investigate with some other ninja. The only one to respond to Eclipse's request was Amaya.

Mission RecapEdit

Eclipse and Amaya met outside the temple and talked before they ventured in. They saw numerous engravings on the walls depicting men in armor with shields and a variety of weapons doing battle. They ended up in a small, torch-lit room that had an engraving above the door that posed a riddle. They solved this and entered another room, where they were stopped by three men who asked them their business. When Eclipse expressed a desire to learn more of the culture, one of the men offered to take him further in the temple if he beat him in combat. Eclipse and one of the men fought and so did Amaya and another of the men.

Eclipse and Amaya bested their opponents and were led further in, but then one of them triggered a trap that sent them to a small, locked room with a skeleton. Not long after, some men arrived to peek at the occupants of the room and ask them questions. They then decided to take the visitors to see Leonidas and led them to a large training hall where many men were fighting. There they spoke with Leonidas, who said they were welcome to stay and learn for a day and then challenged Eclipse to a fight, offering him a reward if he could best him. The two engaged in combat while others watched. Amaya was treated to some awkward rude pick up attempts in the meanwhile. After some rounds of fighting, Leonidas awarded Eclipse a set of gauntlets similar to his own.