Mission DetailsEditEdit

  • Date : 2/28/14
  • Submitted by : Kurai
  • Rank : c
  • Overseer : Kurai
  • QP : 3
  • Reward : 1500

​Ninja TeamEditEdit

  • Zumoni 
  • Assha
  • Taro

Mission ProfileEditEdit

Goal : 

Confront the black flag

Recap : 

Zumoni receives a letter from the black flag gang. He finds out they want him to bring some ninjas and finally settle the score, since his previous efforts lead to their eventual disappearance. He brings assha and runs into Taro on the way, whom he hires. They then come across a deadly field of glowing flowers, they were met by shots from the flowers. They manage to escape the barrage and end up at the destroyed HQ of the BFG. They meet an odd white ninja, who claims to finish off the BFG and that Zumoni and his group are in the way. They start a battle but it quickly ends abruptly.

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