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Kill the rogue ninja causing the disturbances.


A small local town has been coming under regular attack by a missing nin who summons large packs of sabre toothed tigers, these beast attack the townsfolk, killing and causing havoc to the local area. This missing nin is held up in an abandoned, yet heavily trap ridden Fortress. The place was abandoned many years ago but maybe a third of it is still inhabitable.

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The three ninja arrived in the land of waves by boat. Upon arrival the ninja immediately saw the old decrepit castle atop a hill overlooking a small village. The castle was a sprawling complex with large portions that have collapsed. They approach the castle journeying up the path on the hill, and decide to enter through the front gates.

As Kiyoshi opens the door he hears a click and is quickly deposited down a chute into a room filled with tigers. Above the others see the trapdoor closing and jump in after him. Kiyoshi is left to fend for himself against four tigers for a round and receives a nasty claw gash on his leg. After that the four others arrive and quickly dispatch the tigers.

From here the party decides to have two members transform into tigers and play the role. They proceed to make a lot of noise and pretend to be hungry, the owner comes running but shrieks with rage when he sees the four dead tigers in the cage, and he then runs to put on his ninja gear. The players then decide to paper bomb the cage and go after the man, but the blast in the unstable foundation knocks a chunk of rock lose that then knocks Orr out (he had to AFK). They chase the man down and Levi’s summon battles it out with the man’s. Orr eventually shows up and they defeat the man by encasing him in Orr’s circular chain barrier and freezing the inside.

Everyone is wounded in the battle however, Levi receives a large slash across his chest, Orr nearly loses an arm, and Kiyoshi keeps his previous leg wound.