Toiyarochi Senju
Shinigami Robe
Personal Information
Username /u/Capn_Jatorrade
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6'02"
Weight 180lbs
Affiliation Rain, Explosions Corps, temporarily Leaf(Just to help them out)
Clan Senju
Rank Chuunin


9/6/13 6 feats Naffips (v2.3)

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Toiyarochi has medium-length black hair and hazel brown eyes. He wears a black Shinigami robe and socks with sandals. He has a Senju tattoo on his back and wrist, but there is a hole in his chest that is big enough to fit someone's hand through.

Toiyarochi has came out of his shell and tries to be kind to others, but at any given moment, he'll become depressed. When on missions, he becomes serious and usually tries to take charge of the effort. It is his dream to become the Kage of the Village Hidden in the Rain.
  • Toiyarochi as a genin
  • Toi's sword
  • Toi in Hollow Mode 1
  • Toi's Seishin Host





Intro 2/Battle 2


Sad 2/Tense 2

Battle 3


Voice of Toi in his Seishin Shroud

Voice of Fishbone D


Strength: 8
Speed: 9
Intelligence: 10
Chakra Levels: 10
Chakra Control: 9
Endurance: 6
CP: 85
Banked: 0

Rank UpgradesEdit

Genin 1: Explosive Release
Genin 2: Water Release
Chunin: Hollow Mode(Seishin Hosuto)
Jonin: N/A
S-Rank: N/A
Kage Rank: N/A


Feats earned so far: 6

Banked feats: 0

  1. Exploding Palm - The user can make a small explosion in the palm of their hand. Nobu uses this for hand-to-hand combat. (10)
  2. Wet Feet- The user can liquify the floor as he walks, increasing his basic movement speed by 5. (10 CP initiation and upkeep)
  3. +5 stats
  4. Slashing Streamline- The user spits out a razor-sharp stream of water at the target. It has the cutting power of a basic sword. (10CP)
  5. Seishin Chakra-All spirit beast's have a very large reserve of chakra that their host can draw upon. (User gets 15CP for each feat invested in Seishin Hosuto abilities)
  6. Shroud of Fishbone D: The Seishin Hosuto is awakened, and the user is cover in a shroud of the beast. Depending on the creature is what the user is granted, though all forms grant a boost to a physical stats and allows for Seishin Beam to be used at a lower cost. Going into this state costs 20 CP and using Seishin Beams cost 20 CP, grants a +4 stat bonus to END, STR and SPD.


  • (3) 3 Flash Bombs
  • (3) Set of Kunai
  • (4) Sword


  • Ryo earned: 14500
  • Ryo left: 14500

List of Ninja EncounteredEdit

Haydon Saaht-Enemy

Hiro Uchiha-Rival

Nobu-Toi looks up to him with great respect

Kenji and Reiko Ichiyama- Friends

Vald Yakushi- He knocked Toi out during a mission

Celeste- The first person Toi had a crush on

Akahito Abukara-Friend

Zenko Sugawara-Friend

Yumi Shigasi- Toi doesn't like Yumi at all

Malkeru Uchiha- Former Squad Leader

Zumoni- Former Squad Mate

Kurai Uchiha- Former Squad Mate

Rikukara Suzuki-He doesn't really like Riku.

Ryo Hyuga-Friend

Shinji Uchiha-Friend

Aiko Namikaze-Toiyarochi's first girlfriend

Susamo-They don't really get along

Clais and Jasmine Hontane-Friends

Tibby-Bro- Friend


Nenshou Natasuin-Friend

Completed MissionsEdit

Quest points

  • Total: 24
  • Banked: 1
  • Reset Day: Tuesday
  • QP week of 9/3/13: 12

S-Rank: 0

A-Rank: 0

B-Rank: 1

-9/8/13: Infiltrating the Lab(2000 Ryo only)

C-Rank: 5

-9/6/13: Creatures of the Jungle

-9/3/13: Poopy Giants

-8/30/13: The Warehouse Prisoner

-8/30/13: Wolverine

-8/29/13: Journey to Mount Ichiyama

D-Rank: 0

Raids: 0

Other: 6

-9/4/13: The Biggest Basilisk (RU)

-9/3/13: Relaxing at the Boundary

-9/2/13: Just Unwell

-8/31/13: Testing the Limits

-8/29/13: Working Out

-8/28/13: Entrance: Toiyarochi Senju

History and StoryEdit

Toiyarochi had a happy childhood, working on a farm, and decided he would become the Kage of the Village Hidden in the Rain when he became an official ninja. He used to work as a guard of the Rain, before hearing what happened to Konoha. He decided to leave the Rain to help however he could.


Toiyarochi began from humble beginnings, and met many people, and many fights came with the new people. Towards the end of Genin, Toiyarochi was infected with some kind of curse or virus. Still unknown to him, he'll soon discover the source of the strange power...


Toiyarochi has taken a different approach at life. Being on a squad and having someone who cares for him has taken him out of his cold shell of solitary. He is still unsure of his strange power, and wishes to find the source, fast.

-9/6/13: Toi has developed the ability to create a shroud of the chakra of the Hollow that resides in him, and meets the mysterious Klay.

-9/9/13: Toi's girlfriend Aiko has returned to the Sound, and although Toi was depressed, he became happy again. Hiro has returned and he is rivals with him again.

Missions OversawEdit

- 9/6/13: Fight the Hermit [2 QP and 1000 Ryo to me]

-9/8/13: Clear the Bandit Town[1000 Ryo to me, reached weekly QP limit]

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