Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


The two ninja were to track down a group of thugs and bring them to justice.


As a new ninja Fang was paired up with Ryjin to learn some ninja tricks.

Mission RecapEdit

The two ninja set out from Konoha intending to track down a group of four bandits lead by a rogue Chunin. They leave the Konoha and after some walking and chit chatting are attacked by three ninja, they are outclassed and knocked unconscious (part of the mission plan). The ninja wake up in a cave turned prison. They manage to escape by having fang use his poison to knock out the guards and Ryujin use water vortex to break down the door. They escaped killing their guards and returned to Konoha. Each participant was awareded 3 QP and 1500 Ryo.

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