Mission Details:Edit

Ninja Team:Edit

Mission Profile:Edit

Goal:  Transport the Grimoire and a diary to a safehouse.

Mission Recap: Edit

Zenko and gang, very early in the mission, encountered a group of samurai sent to steal back the books Zenko was transporting. The group fought valiantly but Zenko proved to be more than a match for all four by himself. The group continued until they were seperated by a man named Palkia. Palkia fought Zenko 1 on 1, while the rest of the group attempted to fight the other man named Dialga. Dialga's time slowing jutsu proved more than enough for the group as they could not land a single hit. Zenko defeated Palkia and came to the rescue of the group. Zenko quickly gained the upper-hand against him and the man was forced to retreat, leaving the books behind. Zenko and gang finally reached the safehouse and were able to transport the books safely.

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