Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Find the super Treasure in the Labyrinth

Mission RecapEdit

They have a map

meet a mile away from the X on the map

Talk a bit

Travel towards the X

Find a goat path on a mountain

Climb up the goat path, very dangerous, very scary, pretty view though :D

Find a cave

Stone slab door

Vash finds lever in a hole

Kai pulls it, gets hand stuck by clamp, lots of ow

Door opens, they go through maze

Find treasure in circle room

Fight shadow person thing

Kill it

get treasure (Egg made of solid gold, and Diamonds, and other fancy pretty stuffs!)

Egg so fancy, it glows, sparkles and stuffs!

And written on the egg, "The one egg, to rule them all"

everyone happy \o/

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