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The Daimyo of the Land of Tea has hired some shinobi.

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Our heroes find themselves having been called up by the Daimyo of the Land of Tea. Ever since the events somewhat organized by Zenko Sugawara which destroyed the Capital Market, the Land of Tea has been in a spot of disarray. Rumors of a rebellion has sprung up, and as such, the Daimyo has called upon 4 shinobi of value to help assist him. The group meets up on the outskirts of the village. The group begins to travel to the Daimyo's palace. As they walk they encounter the villagers of the Tea Village. They are poor, distraught, and dirty people. The village is still 80% destroyed, though construction has slowly begun. The Daimyo tells them about the Kuroikumo, a group of rebels that have begun trying to overtake his village. In order to take power, the Kuroikumo raid the construction sites, attempting to starve out the Daimyo and his allies through economic warfare. The group goes off to protect the construction workers.

The Daimyo's younger brother and Captain of his guard, Dosun, lead the shinobi off to protect the construction site. When there, Dosun chats with them about the occurances lately, with raiders attacking nearly every day and the construction crews being conscripted by his brother. Suddenly about two dozen Kuroikumo attack the group. Sankuro and Kurai kill men instantly, and the rebels begin retreating, shocked by the appearance of shinobi in the opposing forces. Sessho stands still and Aiko blasts a man, wounding him. Sankuro gets another wounded man and by now the rebels are completely gone.

The shinobi heroes find themselves interrogating the wounded men in the Land of Tea's dungeons. Sessho is intent on finding out more about the wall, while Kurai and Sankuro interrogate the men. After a few rounds of interrogation, they find out the leader of the rebels is none other than... Dosun!

The group takes the prisoners to the Daimyo and Dosun, where they confess the knowledge. A fight begins in the lobby of the palace between the Daimyo's supporters and Dosun's rebels. Sankuro decides to support the Daimyo, and Kurai sides with him. Aiko and Sessho refuse to fight. Sank and Kurai defeat all of the rebels, and the Daimyo awards them with love and affection. Dosun escapes with his Kuroikumo rebels however, so the fight will go on!

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