Name: Unlocking Hatred JutsuEdit


Romanji: Nikushimi no rokku kaijo no JutsuEdit


Classification: Ninjutsu Edit

Parent Rank: JouninEdit

Class: Support Edit

Range: Personal Edit

Hand Seals: N/aEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 20Edit

Chakra Level: 20Edit


After the User has signed a contract with the ghosts and has gained absolute hatred, after becoming one with it in the Shrine of Hatred, the user may use this jutsu. This jutsu unlocks a power called Absolute Hatred, which grants the user a great boost in strength, speed and endurance. It also makes their fighting style unpredictable and due to their state of mind, they are unaffected by genjutsu. However, once in this state, the user loses all control of themselves, and completely views everything as a foe, and eventually he will die. 

(+10 to strength and speed for a limited amount of turns, and the user will die once these turns are over.)

Known Users:Edit


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