Mission DetailsEdit

Ninja TeamEdit

Mission ProfileEdit


Steal the stored wealth from the village hiden in the branches, Akatsuki need some Ryo.


Akatsuki need more funding!

Mission RecapEdit

Rucho and Suta were given a mission to go raid the village hidden in the branches for Akatsuki funds. They know that while the village is small they have a few ninja, some of them with the ability to manipulate wood.  The pair decides to set a diversion and sneak into the main building to steal the cash.  Suta uses his earth totem to cause a small earthquake and the two sneak into the hut while everyone is preoccupied. Suta peels back the floor boards to reveal a safe and Rucho uses his shadow manipulation to align the tumblers and open the safe. The pair steals the money and heads off towards home. As they leave they are spotted by two of the village ninja. The pair takes off running and almost escapes until the village ninja use their wood element technique to ride a root, and catch up. Battle ensues and the pair defeat the other ninja, Rucho get severely injured and Suta exhausts all of his chakra. The two leave the other ninja disabled, but not dead. They arrive safely back to their hideout each receiving 3 QP and 1000 Ryo.

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