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To go investigate an old Oro base containing information about the curse marks.


Eclipse found some old scrolls in his Oro base turned orphanage talking about this base and how it was linked to the curse mark.

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The four ninja have gathered to gather at Eclipse’s request. He found a scroll in his Oro base turned orphanage that lead him to another base where curse seal research was carried out. He’s asked his friends to help him explore the base and learn more about his own curse mark. The group sets off across a large body of water to the island where the base is located. Once there they head to the center of the island to find the base.

A Kanji there is burnt into a tree, they apply chakra and a set of stairs appears descending into the base. At the bottom of the stairs is a hallway with lit torches. After a short walk they come upon doors, every ten feat there is a door on each side of the hallway, and about 20 in all. In The first three doors they find dead people with the curse mark. All the doors hold a similar tale of suicide except the last where they find a live boy writhing in pain.

Eclipse takes the boy outside and the group continues down a hall where they find a double door. They open the door and the hallway continues on leading to a four way intersection. They decide to go right and find a fleshy abomination made of faces in a library. The abomination was a very difficult fight, it absorbed chakra, was stalled by genjutsu for a character action until it’s sharingan broke it free, regenerated , and took little damage from taijutsu. Its biggest downside was that it ran on Chakra, after the players stopped using ninjutsu on it, it eventually ran out of chakra and deactivated. After deactivating it melted into an acidic pile of face goop.

The other rooms were a lab full of dead bodies on the left, and an arena full of bodies straight ahead. The boy survived and eclipse got a book all about the curse marks and how they work, notes from Oro, and whoever was recently using this lab. The boy also lived and Eclipse can use him to observe curse seal acceptance, and healing after the fact.