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After asking for Malkeru, he shows up and Raikiko decides he's had enough, so they duke it out with Clais and Celeste as a mediator.

Mission RecapEdit

Malkeru charges at Raikiko with his Chokuto. Raikiko dodges and counters with a Kusarigama attack. Malkeru blocks and activates Slash of the Rsing Sun jutsu.The jutsu hits Raikiko, but Malkeru is stunned from Raikiko's Lightning Tiger Crash. Raikiko's Kusarigama blade gets Malkeru in the arm. Malkeru removes the blade and goes to slit Raikiko's throat with the Chokuto. Raikiko dodges and hits Malkeru in the stomach. Because there is blood in Raikiko's eye, his Sharingan is deactivated and Malkeru stabs Raikiko in the shoulder, ending the fight. Jeisen wraps up Raikiko's wound and Raikiko goes storming off, only to be found later passed out, by his brother's grave by Jeisen. Jeisen takes Raikiko to the hospital in the Uchiha complex in Konoha.

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