Name: Wind Release: Chakra ThreadsEdit

Kanji: 風遁・チャクラの糸Edit

Romanji: Futon: Chakura no ItoEdit


Classification: Ninjutsu/KugutsuEdit

Chakra Type: WindEdit

Class: Offensive/SupplementaryEdit

Range: Mid/ShortEdit

Hand Seals: NoneEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 10Edit

Chakra Level: 5Edit


The user is able to infuse their chakra threads with their wind nature affiliation. This results in the users threads becoming sharp and dangerous. The sharpness and distance the user can maintain depends on their chakra control and levels respectively.

The user can continue to control his puppet and move, though their movements maybe limited as the user is concentrating their focus and chakra on the threads.

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