Wind of the Tengu Path

Shiruno Yuki using Wind Sign: Wind of the Tengu Path

Name: Wind of the Tengu PathEdit

Kanji: 風遁:天狗道の開風Edit

Romanji: Fūton: Tengu dō no hiraki fūEdit


Classification: NinjutsuEdit

Chakra Type: WindEdit

Class: AugmentativeEdit

Range: PersonalEdit

Hand Seals: UnknownEdit

Game RequirementsEdit

Chakra Control: 5Edit

Chakra Level: 3Edit


An Augmentative jutsu that allows the user to create a cushion of wind around themselves that aids them in dashing in one direction for a limited time. The swirling wind can cause damage to anyone caught in the path of the user and will push them out of the way or knock them down.

It should be noted that this jutsu doesn't speed up the users general movements like a Lightning cloak might, it just allows them to move laterally much faster than normal. The users reaction times remain the same but should they need to move some distance to avoid an attack, this jutsu will help.

The most commonly used form of this jutsu is to help the user run forward but it can be used in any direction such as side-stepping or leaping back. However, altering direction while being pushed by the wind is notably difficult which limits the effectiveness of this jutsu.

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