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Ninja TeamEdit

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Defeat the wrestling legends and make it out alive


The four ninja were sound asleep on their beds little did they know that demons and monsters were running an all night wrestling party. They were teleported into a dimension where wrestling was the main source of entretainment. Hokori was faced versus John Cena. Ezekeial faced off versus Stone cold steve austin. Clais faced off versus randy orton and Nobu was challenged by the rock.

Mission RecapEdit

The ninja arrived just in time for the main event at Wrestlemania XXll. The crowd was filled with demons, monsters and scary little grils ready to enjoy the show. Horoki was up first, his opponent was John Cena. The blows were back an forth but soon hokori was at cena's mercy. Cena was about to deliver the FU when hokori skillfully applied a standing crucifix that dazed cena. Hokori then climbed up to the 3 rope and delivered a flying elbow to cena. He pinned him with ease. When ezekeial entered the ring the crowd went crazy. They went even crazier when his opponent came into the ring, none other than Stone cold steve austin!. The two grappeled in the middle of the ring with austin gaining the upper hand he delivered zeke a Stone cold stunner. Zeke barely managed to get up and dodge an incoming kick to the chest. Zeke got a few shots on austin which caused him to grapple again and deliver yet another stunner. he went for the pin but zeke had some fight left in him and kicked out. Before Austin got up, zeke applied the Crippler's crossface which caused austin to tap. Clais was next, he made his way into the ring and was faced with Randy orton. After dancing around the two engaged in a back an forth affair in which clais got orton's back and delivered a german suplex pin in which Orton couldnt escape. Nobu entered the ring with a vegeta like smile. The rock entered the ring and quickly unleashed an barrage of attacks that nobu survived. Being a taijutsu master, nobu slammed his palms against  the Rock's temples which caused a quick KO. After winning their matches, the group awoke back on their cozy beds as if nothing had happened

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