Yokai Clan
Yokai Clan Symbol
Clan Leader NPC
Member Limit 5
Clan subreddit N/A

Clan InformationEdit

The Yokai Clan is a small clan affiliated with the Hidden Leaf Village. The members of this clan are extremely proficient with the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning technique) and this is reflected through their clan symbol which is based on the seal that appears when one uses the Summoning Technique. Once members of this clan graduate from the academy and receive their forehead protectors, they go through a special "Rite of Passage" of sorts in which they use the Summoning Technique and get reversed summoned to the home of the species of animals that they have an affinity to. There they form a summoning contract with that particular species and spend the greater part of a year training with a prominent member of that species (as such, they are normally not assigned to a three man team under a Jonin). It is said that a member of the Yokai clan went off and founded the Inuzuka Clan but abandoned the use of the Summoning Technique and opted instead to keep his animal companion (a dog) by his side instead.

Clan AbilitiesEdit

Being as how the Summoning technique is their signature jutsu, members of this clan normally have large reserves of chakra so that they're able to use this technique numerous times in quick succession if need be- such as during dire combat situations. If they choose to do so, members of this clan have been known to tattoo the seal of their summon animal on their arms for facilitated summonings.

Signature Jutsu: Kuchiyose no JutsuEdit

Although this jutsu is commonly used by shinobi not of this clan, the summoning technique is one of their signature jutsu just in that it is a technique commonly used by its members and it is a big part of their clans culture and rituals.

Signature Jutsu: Human Animal Combination TechniqueEdit

This jutsu is one that is used by members of the Inuzuka Clan as well the members of the Yokai Clan. This technique allows the user to merge with their summoned animal(s) to increase and improve their fighting capabilities. The combined pair takes on characteristics of both sides- normally the physical characteristics of the animals and the mental capabilities of the human counterpart.

Current MembersEdit

Sazanami Yokai

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